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Two good stories in the May issue of Readers Digest

Started by ssfc72, May 29, 2017, 09:09:45 AM

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The first true story is the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary, in Britain in 1971.
The burglars broke through a vault to get at the safety deposit boxes, and steal the contents.  This vault was in the heart of the diamond business district and it is estimated that the haul was around 20M British pounds. Most of the haul was never recovered.
It was initially thought the robbers were a crack group of international commando style thieves.  Turns out they were a group of 70 year old burglars with various medical ailments, who had a long histories of previous burglaries.
A good movie was made of this robbery. 

The second story is about  the hijacking of a CanWest jet plane, on the runway, at an airport in Jamaica. The plane was to fly back to Canada but the lone hijacker wanted the pilots to fly him to Cuba.
A very good read about what actually transpired during the hijacking.

The Readers Digest  costs $4.95 plus tax to buy. Being retired and on a fixed income, I felt that was a bit much, to pay, to read 2 stories.  I then thought of my local library and sure enough, they had a copy of the May issue, so I sat down and read both stories. :-)

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