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Two new desktop environments

Started by fox, July 07, 2023, 07:12:14 AM

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I found this article interesting. It talks about two new desktop environments that run in Debian. Neither is complete or 100% functional, but both are actively being developed and can be run in Debian. One, called Lomiri, is not very functional yet. This one is based on Unity 8 that was dropped by Canonical. The other, called GSDE (The GNUstep Desktop) is mostly functional, but takes some Linux knowledge to install. The latter is based on NeXTstep, a precursor to the modern MacOS, but looks nothing like the MacOS. There is a picture of it in the article. Both have interesting elements, and it's nice to have alternatives to try. Take a look. What do you think?
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I've always thought the one thing that Linux lacked was enough desktop environments. I think we're almost there. :D

I've been using Linux since 1996. I remember GNUstep. The screenshot looks exactly like how I remember it. It was a surprisingly modern-looking desktop for the time and came as one of the choices with either Red Hat or Linux Mandrake. I don't think I used it often, but it was fun to play with.
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The GSDE desktop looks nice to me.
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