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2023 Oscars ceremony

Started by ssfc72, March 13, 2023, 09:22:33 AM

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Well, I didn't watch this years Oscars presentation. I used to watch the Oscars maybe about 20 years or more, ago.
I sort of lost interest maybe because the ceremony was starting to include too many more categories and was becoming too long a presentation.

I looked up the trailer to this years movie that won most of the oscars and it was not a movie I would want to see.  Too much of a Chinese kung-fu theme, for me. :-)
Maybe the younger people would like it?  The movie got very high ratings on  the RottenTomatoes movie rating website.
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"Maybe the younger people would like it?"

I've always thought of you as one of the younger people Bill. Except for your love of black and white war movies. That part's old.

Apparently the winning movie has time travel. Unusual in a winning movie. s/f is usually a kiss of death for an Oscar.
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