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Good 2001 movie - The Shipping News,with the Late Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent

Started by ssfc72, February 28, 2023, 01:35:56 AM

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The great Canadian actor passed away a few days ago. He was 92 years old and the Toronto Star had a very nice, lengthy article about his acting career.
The actor Kevin Spacey stars in the leading role and does his usual excellent job of acting. Also stars Judi Dench ( M in the James Bond movies)

The movie plot is from a novel and has a number of disturbing parts to it, but it ends with a nice finish.
The plot is about an American who works a dreary job as a typesetter at a small town newspaper.  After the car accident death of his recently married wife, the man, on the advice of his aunt, takes her and his young daughter (who was sold to a black market orphanage for $6000, by her mother) to his family ancestors home, in Newfoundland.
The man gets a job working as a reporter (which he struggles with doing) for a very small town/village newspaper.  The Newfoundland characters in the movie are very entertaining to watch.

A Link to Toronto Star article on Gordon Pinsent. He was also in the early 1960's, CBC TV series The Forest Rangers.

Gordon was a bit of a mischievous person. :-)
According to the Star article.

" At a pre-Genie brunch honouring the film in March 2008, Pinsent told of hijinks involving his co-star, Julie Christie, an animal rights activist and environmentalist.

He came to the set one day and told Christie that heââ,¬â,,¢d bought a Prius, the environmentally friendly electric automobile favoured by celebrities.

ââ,¬Å"She said: ââ,¬ËœGood for you, Gordon.ââ,¬â,,¢ And I told her how quiet the car was, and how lovely that was, and she agreed. And then I said: ââ,¬ËœAll the better for sneaking up on the baby seals!ââ,¬â,,¢ And she wasnââ,¬â,,¢t too happy about that.ââ,¬Â
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Haha, great story! Is it just me or did Pinsent not have a role in Road to Avonlea? Yeah, I could google it but I want to make conversation. :)

The movie sounds interesting but maybe I'll have to read the novel. Kevin Spacey just grosses me out nowadays. I can't watch the Cosby Show again for similar reasons. I do like Judi Dench, though.
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I have never seen or read the Road To Avonlea, so I don't know if Pinsent was in it.  Gordon starred in another movie called the Rowdyman from 1972. The movie was set in Newfoundland.
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Apparently he was in Avonlea but it seems to have been quite a small part. I'm pretty sure I saw him on Murdock Mysteries as well. Just one show - on screen maybe 10 minutes, but can't find a reference for it.
First time I was aware of him was The Rowdyman in '72. At about the same time Goin' Down the road (1970) was released and it was exciting to have films about our own country - one Newfoundland and the other starting in our Maritimes.
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