Zilkee hard drive recovery device

Started by fox, December 03, 2022, 07:52:41 AM

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Ever heard of this? I saw it on a YouTube ad and went to the website ((here). This sounds like a very useful product at a reasonable price, and it works with Linux (as well as Windows and Mac). Does this look legit to you?
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Looks legit, to me. All it does is provide the interface connector to older harddrives and the power to spin the harddrive and then a usb connection to another computer, to transfer the  old harddrive data.
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I think it's more than that. It somehow automates the transfer.
Ubuntu 23.04 on 2019 5k iMac
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It seems to be very much like the one I've used for years which I purchased locally.

Not sure how sophisticated it needs to be. Mine simply opens as a second hard drive, and I used drag and drop to save files, mostly music and films, sometimes other things such as tax files, though these were usually on other media as well. And pictures.

Not sure how it could be automated, and you may be bringing in stuff you didn't want if you don't pick and choose. That would require some software to be involved, whereas mine uses the operating system in the computer that I'm transferring to.
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I hadn't heard of it. It seems a bit on the expensive side if all you're doing is retrieving files from old drives (that you can't install). You can do that with any adapter with the right connectors but they claim you can have up to 3 drives connected at the same time so it'd be like a hub, not just an adapter. Might be useful for cloning or imaging. Seems overpriced.

I don't see anything on the linked page that says anything about an automatic transfer of files. I did a search for 'automatic' just in case I missed it scanning.

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