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Our Aging Forum Members

Started by buster, September 21, 2022, 01:08:02 PM

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There are really only four members who contribute to the forum. And an interesting fact about this group is that three of them were active in the very early years of twenty-five years ago, when the club was forming - Jason, Bill, and Buster. That is by the way a full quarter century since we started at the Peterborough Zoo.

And this is a long time, and the world has changed around us. Tinkering with old things is becoming a lost art. 'Just buy a new one!' Ripping things apart and salvaging parts is a third world attitude. Try getting a new stove fixed for example.

This may account for the lack of posts. As my generation disappears into the infinite nothingness, others like me are noting that getting old sucks, and they don't have time or energy to devote to these computer challenges when life itself is battle enough. And the younger generation maybe isn't interested in working on problems that can be solved by spending money.

Our fourth poster, Dr Mike, is also certifiably not a youngster anymore. The lack of posts may just be that we four are an old island that hasn't been carried along by the flow of history going past us.

But it's a good island. And it's not overcrowded, which is nice in some ways.
Growing up from childhood and becoming an adult is highly overrated.


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Island? or Ice floe only time will tell. Nowadays realtime chat and discord and other mediums have dwarved what used to be a staple. But the innovation lives for sure, there are still plenty of people tinkering with hardware and running motherboards on cardboard boxes without a real case. Just a matter of getting the word out again.

Just a matter of getting the next round of grumpy aging folks to take up the soldering iron torch. P.s. Still glad I can make this post before I hit 40.
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'Island? or Ice floe only time will tell. '

I'm not on an ice flow. I'm stuck here in the past on a solidly rooted island.

I have watched a few modern movies and saw all the bodies pilling up, and the explosions and noise. Then I watched Three Days of the Condor and The Bourne Identity. I don't need to point out the difference. And I will admit there are some modern movies that are very good.

But many of them do not understand the concept of 'subtle'. They do understand noisy and in your face.
Growing up from childhood and becoming an adult is highly overrated.


I remember the zoo meetings. We didn't even have internet there! Not even sure we had a projector. Everybody had to sit around a sort of largish monitor. You know we've gotten old when we talk more about the past than the future, probably because there's more behind than in front. Forty, Mr. Poet? Stop bragging! :)
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