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When we had that early pandemic innocence

Started by Jason, January 27, 2022, 02:30:34 AM

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I was re-reading some of our old posts on the Forum from the start of the pandemic.

Btw, I saw a lot of quotes that were blank, at least on my posts. I fixed it by opening the posts to edit and removing some weird symbol that usually, but not always, was replacing a hyphen. Do that and save it and you'll get your quote back. It might happen with other parts of a post. I remember Buster's magically disappearing and having to fox some that way.

Anyway, back to the subject on hand. I was trying to find any predictions we had of when the pandemic would end or what was going to happen next and I came across a post of mine regarding upcoming PLUG meetings. It really shows my lack of foresight. Feel free to laugh. I did. :D

Almost two years later we're still in this mess. I'm sure in a few months omicron will pass and COVID will be like the seasonal flu. Yeah, right. I don't think the pandemic will go on forever but I think until we get the developing word as vaccinated as the developed, there will be more variants and more contagious and likely more serious variants. I'm definitely not making any more predictions.
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