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Trinity Desktop Environment (with PCLinuxOS)


Oddly enough I was posting about the reality of " cooties " in this modern day and age when I haps to stumble across a thread on Trinity DE for PCLinux. I just recently configured a donated PC with the latest release ( Sept/Oct 2021 ) and have to say I am enjoying the wee bit of nostalgia that it affords. I tend to migrate to GUI and this distro is not short in that regard. As well it can suitably run an older Core i7 PC with 12 Gig RAM & SSD. So ya, Xmas came late and with money saved I may be the new proud owner of a Sr. Galaxy S9 !                                                              Also Jason I now have a PC or 2 for donation and I believe at one time you were asking. How do I get it to you?                                                                                                                                                              Koin-op kalabaster

Thanks. I'll shoot you an email.

" I haps to stumble across a thread on Trinity DE for PCLinux."

I used it a while ago in Q4OS, where Trinity is one of their two DEs. Quick and pleasant. It is appears to be in continuous development by Slávek Banko. Wiki has a page devoted to it:

I haven't tried it but looking at it makes me feel nostalgic.

Based on the screenshots I've looked at it reminds me of the KDE desktop environment (DE) of old, back in the 3.x series, long before it would become the Plasma desktop environment. Back then, they had an included program, Konqueror, that was not only an exceptionally capable web browser but also a file manager, a remote desktop client, an FTP client and more. I think at that time, most of us were using KDE as it came with the majority of distributions, unlike the nascent Gnome DE. I should just read the wiki page on it but I believe it's quite fast on the most anemic of computers as well.

Thank you both for reminding me of this lovely desktop environment. I'm having a really tough time this morning so it's good to be reminded of the fonder memories.


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