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Risk of ending up hospitalized for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated across age groups

Started by Jason, September 17, 2021, 11:05:05 PM

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I think this is an interesting CBC news article that crunches hospital and ICU numbers across different age groups comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. It uses Alberta numbers since May of this year. Unlike the raw numbers across across all groups which are still enlightening, the breakdowns by age are quite startling. A couple of factoids I found particularly interesting:

  • A person in my age group (the 50s) that is unvaccinated is 45x more likely to end up in the ICU than a vaccinated person.
  • Buster will like this one. An unvaccinated individual in their 30s has the same chance of winding up in a hospital as a vaccinated one in their 80s!

I remember reading one infectious disease expert saying that the unvaccinated crowd will learn in the next few months how important it is as they get sick.
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