Author Topic: Streaming videos over ArubaNetworks internet  (Read 192 times)

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Streaming videos over ArubaNetworks internet
« on: February 21, 2021, 09:54:28 pm »
I have a strong feeling that Scott and Brian S. can help with this but wanted to put it out there to anyone.

I'm setting up some video entertainment for my brother at the hospital. He's been getting TV through the hospital but it's expensive as all hell and free WiFi is available so I wanted to set up an Android box and small monitor with an IPTV service. In the original wing that he was in, you just connected to their wifi and he could stream Netflix fine. So he got an Android box (he paid for it, I ordered it) and before I could set it up, they moved him to a different wing.

I haven't brought up the box to try it but I'm worried that it won't work because, while the wifi in that wing allows you to use the internet with a browser, when I tried Netflix it thought I wasn't connected. I noticed in the address link that it appears to be connected through an Aruba Networks device.

I seem to recall a similar issue back in the pre-plague days at Timmie's, it using an Aruba Network device, and Scott mentioning a way around it. So does anyone know if it's still possible and if so, how to do it? I'm willing to do rudimentary (but legal) hacking if it means my brother's tv cost drops from over $200 to $15/month.
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