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Online jigsaw puzzles of art masterpieces

Started by ssfc72, April 06, 2020, 09:11:45 AM

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A very good idea, if you can't get hold of a real hands on, physical puzzle.

There are many online digital jigsaw puzzles websites and some websites let you create your own puzzle from a photo, that you provide. Neat!
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Thanks Bill.

First one in exactly 18 minutes.  :(  They stick together nicely. Full page changed stuff a bit. Hard to get a handle on shape or picture till it's a third done. Should have looked at the picture first! And you don't have to spin the pieces - all are oriented in correct direction. Saw there are many to choose from.

Since I can hardly leave the house, I'm going to move more slowly next time. A wine should be savored. So should a puzzle.

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