December PLUG meeting: Monday, December 16, 2019

Topic: Nextcloud OR Linux Roundtable

Date: Monday, December 16, 2019 - 7 PM

Location: Applewood Manor
1500 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
The entrance is at the front of the building. From the front, go down the hall to the right, and enter the last door on the left.

We have this Monday booked but we didn't mention it because we weren't sure the projector would be ready and still aren't but we have a backup plan.

If by the meeting, the projector is ready, we will do NextCloud as promised. If not, we will do something that Harry suggested instead. Let's call it a Linux roundtable.

Please bring your device(s). We'll sit in the back area at some tables and have an informal discussion of what we're doing with them, hopefully, related to Linux or Android. It'll be like a MUG but with some prompted questions.

We can look at various distros, applications, tips, our favourite browser, office suite or new pre-Christmas purchases. The idea is that each person learns something by seeing how others use their devices. And don't feel you have to limit this discussion to laptops. You can bring your Android devices - tablets or phones and show your favourite apps. It should be fun and educational.

Either way, there will be coffee, some snacks and egg nog during the meeting. Wine or beer is up to you.