New Forums ready for beta testing

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New Forums ready for beta testing

Please start new topics in the new beta forums here:

Note that you can also enter these forums by clicking on on the link in the navigation menu that says NEW FORUMS. Eventually, this will become the Forums link.

Until July 1st, we will leave the present forums active, but after that they will be shut down. Not deleted though. We will lock them so new posts can't be added but they will be able to be read and searched as an archive.

You will have to register for the new forums. Your present username and password here will NOT work in the new forums.

When you go to the link, you will see Register in the top-left area above the spot where it says to login. It says "Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.". The word "register" is clickable. Click on it, read the registration agreement, accept it, and then choose a username, enter your email and password. If you like, it can be the same as the old login information. You'll get an email with a link in it that you have to click on to verify your email address, and then you're ready to login.

New users are set to be moderated (by design), which means other members can't see your post until I accept it. After I see a post that shows me the person is legit, I will add them to the Posting Members groups, which means their posts will automatically appear to all.

Since this is a beta, your input is appreciated. You can leave it here if you wish or use the Contact page of the website to send it to me privately. Still thinking about themes. Tell me what you think about the default one.

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