Win 10 Upgrade results in BIOS not accessible!!!

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Win 10 Upgrade results in BIOS not accessible!!!

The Win 10 upgrade went ok on my Acer Aspire 7538 notebook (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.2 GHz), after I spent hours trying to upgrade, only to have the Win 10 download, fail, part way through.

Finally found out that it was a WIFI problem???? Once I used a network cable, the Win 10 download worked fine.

Then I tried to boot into the notebook BIOS, but no way!!! Just kept booting into WIN 10. WT.......
The bios on this notebook is an older, standard bios, not a UEFI bios.

After many hours of Googling for an answer, I finally found out that the problem was the Win 10 hybrid boot!!!!
The hybrid boot was too fast for the computer BIOS to start up, with the F2 key press.

I found some instruction on how to go into Win 10 and disable hybrid boot.

Now I am able to get into the BIOS, to set the Boot parameters, etc. :-)

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Hybrid boot also causes problems when you try to access Windows partitions from within Linux. So you have to turn it off if you need it that access.


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My interesting experience with the Win 7 upgrade Bill, which I knew might have problems because I was never invited to do it with the icon:

It had to be downgraded from the Win 10 after using it for a week or two. No big deal, I thought. Unbeknownst to me, this triggers a problem with scheduled tasks, which have been altered going up to 10, but not reinstated into the 7 in a way the OS seems to understand. Saw many comments, but no solution offered worked for me. No way to defrag even.

Fortunately I have an image from last September, but that is a pain.


Thanks for the heads up, on the issue with the downgrade of Win 10, Harry!

I am going to image off the Win 10 hard drive, for future possible use.
I will be imaging back the Win 7 image, that I have saved, to restore my notebook back to Win 7, which I prefer to use.

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Bill, going backwards might work for you. I don't think it's a universal problem. Try, if you go back, your defrag, or try to go into Schedule. If all that works you're fine. If not you'll know right away.

One of the problems for me is that the time scheduling from the Internet doesn't work - I have to correct time manually. And it does drift.