Forums to move to SMF: Categories - input needed!

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Forums to move to SMF: Categories - input needed!

A few months ago, we solicited comments regarding switching over the forums back to SMF.

After considering your comments and the advantages of SMF, I've decided the forums will be moved to this platform. Members might recall that the forums were on SMF several years ago. SMF is much more powerful software and gives users more options, including being notified via email when there are new posts in selected topics, using buttons for formatting and easier (and better) attachments.

We won't be able to transfer the posts already existing in the present forums. Sorry about that. However, I will keep the posts as an archive so both old and new members can look up old topics.

The new forums are not yet active so no one can as of yet register. Still putting things together. Members, could you take a moment and check out the categories and boards and see if you want anything added (Meetings, website, local buy & sell, etc.)?

Again, the new forums are not yet active. At this stage, I'd just like everyone to look at the categories and let us know if any categories/boards need to be added.

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Categories look good that you have to me.

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I like these categories.

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yes, a buy/sell/free, Forum category, would be nice.


Thanks for your input, guys.


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