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Normal topic New Forums ready for beta testing
by jasonw on Thu, 2016/05/19 - 00:37
Normal topic Wheel of Time book series coming to television
by jasonw on Sun, 2016/05/01 - 17:26
Normal topic May 2016 PLUG Meeting
by jasonw on Wed, 2016/04/27 - 09:35
Normal topic Experimenter (2015) - another great movie
by jasonw on Sun, 2016/04/24 - 22:27
Normal topic Regex golf with Peter Norvig
by jasonw on Fri, 2016/03/25 - 22:35
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic PLUG has a Facebook group
by jasonw on Thu, 2016/03/24 - 20:37
Normal topic Ubuntu convergence coming to a store near you :)
by mfox on Wed, 2016/02/24 - 21:54
Normal topic The first television, and it was mechanical!
by jasonw on Tue, 2016/01/26 - 13:13
Normal topic A *GOOD* way to approach Windows 10 security issues
by bobf on Mon, 2016/01/25 - 17:59
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic Betamax tapes are no more
by jasonw on Wed, 2015/11/11 - 00:39
Normal topic Sept 7 Plug Mug?
by ssfc72 on Sat, 2015/09/05 - 10:27
Normal topic O'Reilly specials on video training and ebooks until September 18, 2015
by jasonw on Thu, 2015/09/03 - 08:57
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic 0-day attack on Firefox users stole password and key data: Patch now!
by jasonw on Fri, 2015/08/07 - 17:28
General Linux Discussion
Normal topic Maclean's Debate tonight
by jasonw on Thu, 2015/08/06 - 13:01
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic Medicare challenge highlights power of trial judges
by jasonw on Wed, 2015/07/29 - 06:57
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic Ghost Trains in Britain
by ssfc72 on Mon, 2015/07/27 - 08:58
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic Halt and Catch Fire: TV show
by jasonw on Thu, 2015/06/25 - 15:02
Normal topic Mulcair surges, Trudeau sags in early election polls
by jasonw on Wed, 2015/06/17 - 19:49
General (non-Linux) Discussion
Normal topic Problem with posting pictures in replies
by jasonw on Tue, 2015/06/09 - 22:14
Normal topic Spam and broken forum links
by jasonw on Mon, 2015/06/08 - 11:18


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