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Title: test one-straight copy
Post by: buster on September 05, 2020, 12:09:58 pm
It’s hard to imagine any time that a messy storage room can be useful. However, four decades ago when I was fit and tidy, and had a reddish brown beard and curly auburn hair, I went to get my ears tested. I knew the woman who would do my tests. She sat across the desk in a blue dress, a blue ribbon tying her pony tail, and with blue walls behind her. Somehow the conversation got on to something I had lost in the storage room because of the accumulating mess.

‘You can’t believe how messy I’ve let that room become!’

She leaned forward a little, looked me straight in the eye with her amazing blue eyes  and said, ‘You should see the mess in my bedroom.’

‘I would love to see the mess in your bedroom’ is the response that pretty well any male in North America would reply with, and he would lean a bit closer as he said it. The lame-brain typing this said unbelievably, ‘You know, I think this summer has been even wetter than last summer.’

Her eyebrows went up a bit, she frowned, and said curtly, ‘I think we should do the tests now.’ That sentence about the weather haunts me to this day. Where did those words come from? And why?
Title: Re: test one-straight copy
Post by: Jason Wallwork on September 10, 2020, 05:45:35 pm
Okay, I just looked at this now. Didn't before because I just saw it as a test. I have questions.

1. Did you write this? If not, where did it come from?
2. If you wrote this, was it a personal experience?
3. What happened to pony-tail?