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Distributions / Re: Top 7 Best Linux Distros For Laptops (DigitalOcean)
« Last post by ssfc72 on Today at 07:57:08 am »
I did a quick scan through the article.  Of course, since I use both Mint and MXLinux, I thinks they should have been the first 2 Distros, to be listed. :-)
The Elementary OS looked nice. I will have to take a look at that one.
Distributions / Top 7 Best Linux Distros For Laptops (DigitalOcean)
« Last post by Jason on Yesterday at 07:54:55 pm »
I know these kinds of lists are a dime a dozen but this one is written from the standpoint of a developer and sometimes they even get a discussion going here!

Have you tried all these?

Do you think something else should be on the list?

What do you think of the picks? Do you think he's way off on any of them?

Garuda looks interesting. Has anyone tried it?
Yeah, black bars should be fine.
Security and Privacy / Re: Don't pixelate text (or blur or swirl) text to hide it
« Last post by ssfc72 on August 16, 2022, 05:47:03 am »
Good info to know, about using pixelation on a text document. Thanks Jason.

In my photo of my car, I used a Cut tool, to remove the licence plate info. This results in a black bar being used to replace that area of the photo, so I would think that information would not be recoverable.
Security and Privacy / Don't pixelate text (or blur or swirl) text to hide it
« Last post by Jason on August 15, 2022, 02:16:01 pm »
Pixelation isn't a good way of hiding underlying text. The video and article on this website show how the author created a tool to un-pixelate text. He also suggests that blurring or swirling aren't any better (although doesn't go into why). The video is just over 4 minutes long. Watch it at 1.25 speed and it's still watchable and quicker. :)

Using black bars is the only surefire way of obfuscating it, assuming you actually lay a bar over it and don't just change the background and foreground colours in a word processor document which is useless.

It's an interesting foray into why pixelation is such a bad idea as well as how the tool works.

I need to try this sometime when I see someone pixelate someone's name on a screencap of a Facebook post. I'll let you know if I do.
That's cool. I remember that somebody else in the LUG uses Startpage, too. I checked using Privacy Badger and it doesn't appear to have any trackers. Nice.
I use the Startpage search engine.  It uses the Google search engine but is suppose to anonymize your searches.

Startpage also has a feature called Anonymous View, which provides even more privacy when you go to a website listed in the search results. In the serach results listing, there is a small icon, to the left of the listing. You click on that icon and it takes you to the website anonymously.
The creators of the Vivaldi browser suggest 3 privacy-oriented browsers. I use Ecosia all the time. It gets its search results from Bing but is anonymized. And it plants trees to fight climate change so everyone should use it, especially Fox. :) I don't always use Ecosia as certain searches require Google but Ecosia has an two-click dropdown to use another browser if the results aren't satisfactory.

Does anyone use one of these search engines or any search engine besides Google partly or most of the time? Which one(s) do you use?
Nifty, Bill. Never thought to try Irfanview under Linux using WINE. I imagine that Buster tries everything with wine. ;)

It's even harder to use but once you find where it is, Gimp has a blur feature.
Meetings / Re: PLUG Mug meetup? Sunday, July 31, 2 pm
« Last post by Jason on August 10, 2022, 11:26:02 pm »
If you have time you'd like to announce a meeting, Bill, send me the details via email or text message and I'll put one out.

I don't check the PLUG Forum often enough, either! So it's better to use one of those methods to contact me.
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