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CBC had a very good picture of it on their news website the next morning.
General Discussion / Re: Apocalypse Internet
« Last post by fox on Today at 05:05:05 pm »
Glad to hear you're connected once again, Jason.
Distributions / Re: Distros for Beginner, Experienced and Expert Linux Users
« Last post by fox on Today at 07:42:11 am »
Jason, I'm looking forward to your re-trying Ubuntu. I think I'm the only member of our club that is using it. I have tried a lot of distros in my 10+ years of using Linux as my primary OS: Mint, Fedora, Arch, Manjaro, Elementary, MX, Pop! OS, Debian, openSuse, Peppermint, Crunchbang, Bodhi, Bunsen Labs, plus others that I downloaded and booted live. I keep coming back to Ubuntu. It does everything I need it to do, plus I like Gnome.
General Discussion / Apocalypse Internet
« Last post by Jason on Yesterday at 09:01:42 pm »
Yay, we got our Internet back today. Modem died on Saturday morning. It was on life-support with the power light flickering like a candle in the wind. Another day or two and it'd have gone to that great resting place where modems go to meet their friends they haven't seen for years.

I convinced a neighbour to let us sponge off their WiFi until a new modem was shipped out and activated today. It's so good to be back! Complimentary speed test attached, of course. :) I'm not bragging. It's just grand that we get exactly what I pay for (40 Mbps) and then some.

I know a few of you have connections so fast that pages load before you finish clicking the bookmark, including one guy who isn't paying for it. But the only task we do that requires speed is watching tv shows and movies and downloading the odd Linux ISO. An Ultra HD movie (1080p) requires only a 5 Mbps connection, and 4K requires 25 Mbps. I can download the typical Linux distro in 5 minutes. I guess when we get something that can do 4 K video, then we'll get something faster so we can both watch stuff.

Despite two price increases, Carrytel still appears to be the cheapest provider at $40/month ($30/month if you're new). And though it took a while, they were very good to deal with. I wasn't on support for too long and they called when the modem arrived at the post office for pickup and then again when it was activated.

Distributions / Re: Distros for Beginner, Experienced and Expert Linux Users
« Last post by Jason on Yesterday at 06:49:58 pm »
You might want to look at the "angels" in Charlie's Angels before you cast shade on it, Buster. :)

"Pretending-not-to-be-President" - I like it. But I'm not sure if it applies to Bill or to me. Bill's the one arranging all the meetups. I'm just the lowly web admin. If it was a reference to me, note that I suggested Ubuntu was for beginners or more advanced users who wanted things working things out-of-the-box and could customize earlier. Fewer choices - more just doing stuff instead of tinkering with stuff. That's kind of odd because I thought that was your thing. I think you're just an anti-Gnomite and won't admit it. :D

I am willing to get Ubuntu a try again when/if I get a computer capable of it. Other than Elementary, I think it's a great-looking desktop.

Regarding the presentation that Brian had trouble with, it wasn't Gentoo. He was continuing my presentation that set up a basic install of Arch with a working desktop manager. And I think his problem had nothing to do with Arch per se, but some technical issue related to his particular hardware. I think he was trying to install it on his Microsoft Surface which appears to be almost allergic to running Linux except in a VM or as a subsystem with graphics. But I would love to hear back input from it. But I'm about 99% sure it wasn't Gentoo. I don't think it has ever been presented.
It was pretty cloudy but in between clouds, I was able to see it at about its peak with a pair of binoculars. It was high enough in the sky that I had a stiff neck after a while of looking at it. Should invest in a lounge chair! It was interesting to me that the shape of the crescent seemed to make the moon look like it had depth (i.e. "3D"). The shadowed part was almost blood red. I went in after maybe 15 minutes with my hands getting too cold and my neck too stiff. But still very cool. I'm sure you can find lots of videos that amateur astronomers made of if you're interested, Fox.

You could look at it with the naked eye, too, and easily distinguish the red shadowed part of the moon from the crescent.

a 4 minute video clip.

Amazing to know how clever the Babylonians were, 3800 years ago
Drat, I missed it.
Distributions / Re: Distros for Beginner, Experienced and Expert Linux Users
« Last post by buster on November 19, 2021, 06:11:41 pm »
"Charlie's Angels second movie" and "movie connoisseur"

Can these two phrases actually go together????:) :) :) That is a funny line you wrote Mike.

I must admit I missed that movie. I was probably watching "The Blood Sucking Ghouls from Planet Q". A real classic! I highly recommend it for the movie connoisseur.
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