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If you start with a MATE desktop, I believe it comes with a menu bar at the top and you can add Plank. But you can also add a Panel in most desktop environments at the top. But if you want it to look like a Mac, elementary OS is the way to go. It even has the right look to it. Not perfect, but much closer. And I think its file manager is more like the Mac one although Fox would have to check to be sure. Why are you trying to make it look like a Mac anyway?
And Mike, I counted 4 people - the same 4 people who, along with Glen, actually keep the forum alive.

It was Bill that said three, not Mike. And four is better than zero, Mr. Half Empty. Personally, I'd feel uncomfortable with a larger group right now though I'd certainly wish more people would participate in the Forum.
Sorry Bill but I'm not going to come if we're watching a movie, no matter how good. And Mike, I counted 4 people - the same 4 people who, along with Glen, actually keep the forum alive.
Entertainment / A great movie - The Lady Killers ( from 1955)
« Last post by ssfc72 on Today at 04:40:27 pm »
This is a very good, comedy, crime British movie from 1955.
The actors include Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers.

A gang of British criminals rents a room in a large old house, that an old lady owns and lives alone (except for a gang of parrots), in.   They pose as a group of amateur string quartet musicians, who practice their music at the house.  They actually play a record while they plan the heist of an armoured truck, carrying cases of cash money.

You probably will have to use a Torrent to acquire this movie.
Looks like it may just be the three of us, showing up.
Maybe I could bring my pico projector and RPI 4 and we could watch the movie,  The Lady Killers (from 1955) . :-)
In the Mac OS, the default position of the dock is at the bottom in the middle, just like in your picture. The dock can be moved to the left or right sides. The menubar is always at the top.
Like this picture?
Does the menu bar have to be at the bottom, or can it be on any of the other 3 sides? And if so, which one is the default?
Assuming that this is a serious question, then yes and no. The dock is very Mac-like, as is the desktop picture. The icons and window controls are not. And there is no menubar.
This pic shows the theme and I am wondering if it is at all like a Mac. Anyone know?
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