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December PLUG Meeting Notes: Nextcloud

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The PLUG meeting was very enjoyable. We had good attendance with William coming from Toronto and Glen from Oshawa able to make it.
Jason did a very nice job showing off NextCloud and there was interest shown in it.
The room projector wasn't working but I had my pico projector for projecting the presentation onto the meeting room screen.
Mike tried to do his Dex presentation but I believe he forgot to bring a bluetooth mouse to work with his Samsung phone, so he was unable to navigate the screen on the phone. Hopefully Mike might be able to do his demo at the January PLUG meeting.
After the demos we had coffee, pop, and snacks to eat and discuss everything from radar to rocketships. :-)
We didn't break up until after 10 pm.

Small correction. Mike didn't try to do a DeX presentation; he tried to see if it would work on the equipment in that room. The DeX presentation will be at one of our upcoming meetings.

Sorry I missed the meeting, but it was unavoidable. Sounds as if it was a pleasant evening.

Thanks for the notes on the meeting, Bill. And thanks for everyone making. I was pretty stressed out but I'm glad the presentation was helpful or at least interesting.

Attached is the slideshow that I used (in ODP format) and a text file containing the info outlined below:

Setup Nextcloud server on Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 (more for testing Nextcloud than actual serious use because of limited RAM)

Download and link to Installation instructions (Ubuntu 18.04 recommended for easiest install using script that does everything)
- Note that despite the instructions saying it will run on 512 MB RAM, you should have 2 GB RAM or more- actual requirements will vary depending on what you do with it- you can also install Ubuntu 18.04 on the Raspberry Pi by using the SD card image provided at the Ubuntu site

These 10 Nextcloud Apps will let you DITCH Google for GOOD! (didn't get to show this)


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