article - latest KB update, again issued to upgrade Win 7/ 8 to Win 10

Started by ssfc72, October 05, 2016, 11:29:44 AM

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Funny, I hadn't noticed that it *came back* - I've just been dealing with it - by hiding every iteration that presents itself - from the perspective of a single continuum. There are a number of 'updates' that have been exposed, then proven to be malicious to the end user (anybody remember how pressing the 'X' in the upper right-hand corner of a dialog box suddenly became the enthusiastically resounding "YES!" that Microsoft was expecting - *NOT* anticipating - expecting, to upgrade all & sundry to WinX?!) And the droves of people incensed by the sudden, never consciously-bidden upgrade to WinX after they were CERTAIN they wanted no part of it, and thought they had said so, clearly?!

"A thief you can trust, a liar you never can?!" (Simple: *Never* let the thief out of your sight...)

What suddenly concerns me more is the possibility (likelihood!) that the Win7 updates process is also going to be subverted for Microsoft's ends. Which will move me, across the board, to a Linux-only home.

We know it's only a matter of time, anyway, don't we? <^8#