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Bug satisfaction


It pays to report bugs, at least sometimes. Gnome developed a Calendar app which syncs with Google calendars, but it stored locally so it starts up very quickly. Problem was that at some point, it wouldn't allow the addition of afternoon (pm) events on one of my computers. So I opened up a bugzilla account with gnome and reported the problem about a month ago. A week later, a second person reported the same bug. Just today I got a report back that the bug was fixed in an updated version, and sure enough, it was! Good feeling.

I don't remember what it was now, but I remember submitting a bug form for openSUSE a long time ago. A similar thing happened in that the bug was noted by me and at least one other person and then fixed. It does feel good to know you contributed to a distribution even if only in some small way. Definitely worth doing though sometimes the bug submission forms are much less than obvious to fill out.


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