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Deepin DE to be ported to Fedora

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Sort of interesting how deepin seems to be sliding into the Linux universe. Their interesting desktop environment is being ported to Fedora.

Found this in Distrowatch.

Thanks, Buster. Looks like a cool endeavor that you can already try out if you have Fedora 30 (alpha or beta?). Deepin's desktop environment is quite classy looking. But I do find their package manager (in Deepen) off-putting. But I'm guessing that part won't/hasn't been ported.

The Deepin Desktop has now been ported to Ubuntu in the form of a respin: UbuntuDDE. I posted something about this today.

Cool. I liked the look of the DE but wasn't that impressed with Deepin. There were parts like the package manager that weren't in English. And some of the parts didn't look integrated. And I don't really understand why so many distros have to offer their own versions of common software rebranded as something else. For example, the Deepin media player. Is that a part of the UbuntuDDE?

I don't think they include the rebranded Deepin software, based on this post.


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