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Improving Gnome Desktop as a 'Where's Waldo' Game

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Because my friend Dr. Mike really likes Ubuntu Gnome, I decided to give it another try and apply the rule that using a distro continuously makes it easier to solve problems as they come up. And as in other cases this turned out to be true. The desktop I hated became not so bad, and then pretty good, and then attractive and convenient. And as everyone knows, the install is easy and perfect, and with the addition of some software I prefer, the system works really well in virtual. I am using 18.04.1.


Puzzle #1. How do you get single click instead of double click to open stuff?

Puzzle #2. How do you use the supplied file manager so it can function as if it has a split screen? (Opening a second window is verboten.)

Puzzle #3. How do you accomplish auto-login?

Please do not post answers. Just post that you solved 1,2 and/or 3. PMs are welcome.

After a while, the answers will be posted, if anyone is interested in playing Waldo Does Ubuntu.

Just curious why you downloaded 18.04.1 instead of 18.10? Do you prefer the LTS versions?

Also, are you using regular Ubuntu? As far as I can tell Ubuntu Gnome is a discontinued flavour of Ubuntu. Note that vanilla Ubuntu is (slightly-customized) Gnome now, just wanted to clarify.

Just downloaded Ubuntu long term, and it looks like Gnome to me. :)

Waldo here. I have solved the puzzle and all three are possible in Gnome. My prize should be an admission from buster that Gnome is a better desktop than Plasma. :)


--- Quote from: buster on February 07, 2019, 10:38:00 pm ---Just downloaded Ubuntu long term, and it looks like Gnome to me. :)

--- End quote ---

It is Gnome-based (which I mentioned above) but my point was that there used to an actual Ubuntu Gnome flavour (like Kubuntu, a separate distro) which I thought was still available until now.

Anyway, "better" is really pretty subjective. I think it all depends on what you like in a desktop. AFAIK nobody has done a side-by-side comparison of KDE and Gnome to see which features one might have that the other doesn't. Even look-wise you can make KDE look almost exactly like Gnome though I don't think that works the other way.

But I'm going to try your challenges. And as a side note, Mr. MIke, I'm pretty sure that Buster already knew they were all possible or he wouldn't have said to not to post the answers :)


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