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HP X360 11.6" notebook has issues running under Linux

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Well I thought I had a very nice new notebook, to replace my older Acer 11.6", Intel i3 cpu.

This HP, besides being a nice small size, has an IPS screen, wifi AC speed, bluetooth and the Pentium N3700 cpu, bechmarks as being slightly faster than the Intel i3 380UM cpu, that the Acer has.

Unfortunately, there is a known issue with the wifi module in this notebook, not working with any Linux Distro, without issuing some additional command line, commands, once the Distro is installed. :-(
This is a deal breaker for me!

The fix works fine, if you install the linux Distro to the hard drive.  However,  I want to be able to run Live versions of various Distros from a bootable USB pen drive.
Since a bootable Linux distro pen drive  can not be wrote to, there is no way to issue the commands from the Terminal, then reboot the computer to make the command take effect, because rebooting just goes back to the original version of the Distro. :-(

Looks like I will be shipping this notebook back to and continue my search for an inexpensive small notebook, with the features of the HP X360 11.6"

Thanks for letting us know, Bill. Too bad that it didn't work for you. Hope you find something better.

William Park:
Never buy HP laptop for Linux.  I have HP Chromebook, but I'm using it as it was intended and as is.

I have now had some success with running the live Mint 18 distro, from a usb pendrive, on this HP notebook.

I used the Yumi multiboot ( a windows OS) program to create a bootable USB pendrive with the Mint 18 distro.
In the Yumi screen there is an option to set a Persistence file size for storing any changes made to the Distro, whien you are running it.

I enabled this persistence option for my bootable live Mint 18, on a usb pendrive.
I then booted up Mint 18 on the HP X360, and I issued the commands, from a terminal window, as instructed in one of the Forums that had the fix for this wifi problem.

I then rebooted the HP with the bootable usb pendrive and booted into Mint 18, again.
The wifi worked perfectly! :-)

Everything seems to work very nicely with Mint 18, on this HP X360 11.6" notebook.  Trackpad seems to work well, bluetooth works well.

I am going to try a few other Distros, running as a live Distro from a bootable usb pendrive, to see if this wifi fix will also work for them.

I may just be able to hang on to this HP notebook, after all.

I have also had success running the Cub distro, from a bootable usb pendrive (with a persistence file enabled), on the HP X360 11.6"

However I have been unsuccessful in getting the bluetooth to work on this notebook. (I also was unable to get bluetooth to work on my Dell Inspirion i7000 notebook, while running Cub, from a bootable usb pendrive)
So there appears to be an issue with bluetooth and the Cub distro.


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