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Brains explode!!! Can it get any better?

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A new series that is really hard to categorize has had 2 episodes already. Is it a political satire on what is happening in the USA election? (References to Trump and Clinton abound.) Is is a comedy, as the song at the beginning of episode 2 suggests? Is it a science fiction alien invasion story? Is it a horror story - as being trapped in a room with insects that are about take over your brain might suggest?

Think 'The Puppet Masters' combined with 'West Wing' and you get the idea, though you have to throw in some humour and horror. If you like exploding brains, this show is for you:


I hadn't watched it but I saw it on eztv and had downloaded it. I'll be sure to watch it now.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I sleep with my ears safely covered - that's how they get in you know. You can't be too sure with alien insects on the planet.

Better safe than sorry I say.

By the way, the series is not as unrealistic as the USA election campaign.

This show gets better with each new episode. Surprises me.

Finally watched the first episode. It was good. It's a thoughtful and quirky drama. Watching the second one now.


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