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Windscribe - free VPN


A free VPN for Linux, Widows, Mac.  The free service is good for 10G Data/month. You can increase that amount by referring Windscribe, to friends.
If you need more than 10G Data, they have a paid service.
The Linux desktop program, does require a Pro account (pay account).
However, you can get free apps for the Chrome, Firefox, Opera browsers, for your PC desktop or Android or IPhone apps.
On the Windscribe web page, at the bottom, is a Link to their setup guides for the various OS's, browsers, phones and Routers, etc.

Caution, when installing the desktop program, be sure not to select any of the helper programs. These additional helper programs will just create annoying pop-ups, etc. is a Canadian company.

Annoying. Why make only Linux app a pay app?

'Cuz if we're savvy enough to use Linux, we're likely going to make some SERIOUS use of it?! <^8# So use the browser plugins and see if it merits more. No? <^8#

Not sure if this was the case before but they do have a Linux app now but it's a terminal app, not graphical. Just thought I'd post this note in case someone finds this old post and thinks Windscribe won't work on Linux.


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