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Creating a Christmas Linux Mint System from Bits and Pieces

Started by buster, March 25, 2024, 11:25:10 AM

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Chapter 16: The Sins of the Past Live On

The Christmas Computer had been completed quite a while ago, at least before Covid. And the Miracle on Cabot Street had occurred during Covid I believe.

The miracle occurred when, as described in chapters 13 and 14 of this story, my computer child was saved by a forgiving Gigabyte motherboard (she,her) who informed me that the bios was corrupt and she would now replace that bios with a replacement bios.

The thing is Oscar, who must have been lurking for years, struck again just three days ago and sent the computer into hysterics, and the on/off sequence started again in earnest. So I gave Marilyn the TV computer, an old Win10, and took the Christmas Computer down to the 'workshop'.

First thing to note: these two computers have gained weight, maybe all the emails that I never delete.
Second thing to note: The on/off sequence was just as depressing in the junk room as upstairs.
Third thing to note: Gigabyte, on a great white stallion called Bob, rode onto the screen and said, "The bios is corrupted. I shall now replace it with a backup."

That problem was solved, thanks to Lady Giga and Bob.

Two problems were left: Carry the heavier computer up the stairs, and the tougher difficulty, get the thing up off the floor so I can carry it. I managed both.

Marilyn is happy, and showed it by bringing me some crackers and peanut butter.

Lady Giga and Bob are out front on the lawn listening to Emmie and Eddie explain how they built that computer.

Maybe The End
Growing up from childhood and becoming an adult is highly overrated.


Thanks for the story, Buster.

I think I saw Ms Tao at a Line dance demonstration near Lindsay, a few days ago. :-)
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I would have to assume she was simply watching. I can't imagine she would switch to jeans and cowboy boots from her red silk skirt. That would be a visual tragedy. A great loss.
Growing up from childhood and becoming an adult is highly overrated.