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Recording the output from computer speakers, on a Linux Distro

Started by ssfc72, May 22, 2023, 02:51:34 AM

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I found the above Link is a good tutorial/video, on how to record anything (music, podcasts etc) that is being played through your computer speakers.

I wanted to record a Podcast about the late Gordon Lightfoot, but there was not an option to download the 1 hour 15 minute podcast.

I didn't have time to sit for 1 hr 15 minutes to listen, so the above tutorial allowed me to record the podcast as an mp3 file, which I can listen to, as I find a time convenient to me.

I also now have the recorded podcast saved, so that when it disappears from the Internet, I can listen to the podcast anytime in the future.

I am using the Mint 20.3 Distro.
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I didn't know that Audacity could do that. Thanks for the tip, Bill. :)
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