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A Night To Remember - Titanic ship sinking, excellent audiobook

Started by ssfc72, February 15, 2022, 05:58:16 AM

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This is an excellent, 5 hour, non fiction account, about the sinking of the brand new Titanic, after hitting an iceberg, in April, 1912. The ship did not carry enough lifeboats for all the passengers. The ship carried around 2200 passengers and more than 1500 people died that night.
The passengers and victims included many of the extremely wealthy American men. The ship's designer Thomas Andrews was a passenger and did not survive. Bruce Ismay, a passenger and also chairman of the White Star Line did survive as a passenger in a lifeboat, even though only women and children were allowed in the lifeboats.

The book is by the author Walter Lord, who went into extreme details about what it was like for many of the survivors on the night of the sinking. The information was gathered from the 2 inquires held, one in New York and the other in London, England. Lord also searched out and interviewed many of the survivors or their families.
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Somehow I missed this post, Bill. I like history but I'm not sure I could sit through 5 hours about the Titanic. :) But thank you for sharing!
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