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Review of Arch Linux

Started by fox, January 09, 2023, 07:32:24 AM

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"Buster might find that Windows 10 on one of his old 4 GB systems is fine, for example. But it's not tolerable to me."

I understand and sympathize. But our situations are so different. I don't use just one system for everything. I have four computers set up.

My older 'slow' system is used mostly for acquiring difficult to find movies or shows, often from decades ago. Speed isn't that big a deal, and I don't need to have seven programs open at a time. It can be running while I sit by the fire or read a Regency Romance novel, a favourite genre at the moment.

My laptop, for general use is pretty quick.

My Linux system is unfortunately commandered by Marilyn, but often she does other things. Linux does some things better than Windows, and hers is really quick.

And the fourth system has 12 gig of ram. Say no more, say no more.

Different situations Jason. And I love reclaimed old computers. They like to be useful.

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I was clear of my somewhat mild Covid symptoms, after about 4 weeks after they first appeared, on the first week of last Sept.
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Quote from: ssfc72 on February 06, 2023, 08:17:20 PM
I was clear of my somewhat mild Covid symptoms, after about 4 weeks after they first appeared, on the first week of last Sept.

Good to hear, Bill.

Buster: I see what you're saying. Well, certainly if you're running one light program along with Windows and a browser with not too many tabs, 4 GB is enough. I think Microsoft even says that as a minimum. I prefer a couple of machines for everything. Less maintenance. And the Chromebook updates its software and itself automatically. Windows does, too, but not its programs although there are some interesting scripts that can do that. Chocolately (spelling?) is like a package manager for Windows.

I've been building, fixing or upgrading computers since 1989 so it's a different situation for me, there, too. I like building new systems, but I don't care for finagling with old systems anymore. I find they're more trouble than they're worth unless they're set up (hardware) from the get-go.
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