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Pat Wallwork Passed Away

Started by Scott, November 21, 2022, 06:43:07 PM

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Hey Folks,

I was looking at recent obituaries and noticed that Pat Wallwork passed away. He was a former PLUG member and I recall having many fun conversations with him. We both had a keen interest in war driving in the early days. I am sure he took advantage of those skills when trucking around North America.



Very sad to hear and at so young an age. Thanks for sharing, Scott.
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I feel very odd saying this, but I don't remember Pat. Looked at the picture.

He was so young! Crohn's is horrible. A mother and son on our street suffer from it, and that also includes hospital stays. I assume from the obit that is what got him.
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Thanks for sharing, Scott. I didn't know you guys had a lot of talks. You probably knew him better than I did!

He had a web hosting and web design business for a few years. That's actually how we got in touch. I wanted to see if the domain name wallwork.ca was available. It was Pat's website. So I contacted him. He turned out to be a second cousin. We didn't hang out a lot but we did attend a Linux convention together in Ottawa around the turn of the century. That was the ear before the dotcoms crashed.

He was a nice guy and just a couple of years younger than me. Sadly, his dad died at about the same age. Pat also had a spinal disease that caused him a lot of pain along with Crohn's. A sister of his told me that he has had a really rough couple of years but he did have a lot of support from his wife and family.

I don't think he made a lot of PLUG meetings, Buster. He was mainly employed as a long-haul trucker but had a few years in IT. He hosted our website for a while.
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