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PLUG Mug meetup? Sunday, July 31, 2 pm

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The weather looks nice for this Sunday afternoon, for a PLUG Mug meetup.
Let me know if you expect to attend.

Tim Horton's on Monaghan road, parking lot. Out by the Pet Smart store. We can relocate to a better nearby spot, in the parking lot, once everyone has arrived.


I would be a maybe if it's on Sunday.

I could make it. Nobody's up for a quiet outdoor restaurant or bringing takeout to a park? Socially distanced, of course. I'm getting shot #4 on Tuesday. My wife got her first show about 3-4 weeks ago. They pace shot 1 and shot 2 84 days apart.

Personally, I don't go indoors to eat. I've gotten takeout or delivery a few times. I still wear a mask indoors and on transit even if hardly anybody else does. Even if COVID-19 is supposedly endemic, I'm not ready to act like everything's normal. I still don't want to get sick or spread it. There's also the side benefit of not getting colds or other contagious illnesses as easily. And I also like reminding people that life doesn't just go on. That's how we got into this fix; we acted like it was no big deal in the beginning.

Ok guys, I will be at the usual meet up spot (parking lot area, out front of the PetSmart store), at 2 pm tomorrow, Sunday.

Ok, it is 2:45 pm and no one else showed up. So I am heading out.


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