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Here's a new feature of Firefox. I doubt it'll convert users from Chrome but it might be a good reason for non-Chrome users to try Firefox again. I'm hoping it spreads to other browsers.

I don't know if this is the reason, but certain websites I have gone to don't open in Firefox, but they do in Brave. Sometimes I can get them to open in Firefox by turning of advanced tracking for the site; sometimes not. I don't have any examples to share, but when it happens again I will provide an example.

Interesting. I've had the opposite experience with Brave being the problem, but mainly with a website freezing up (my online banking site). Bill mentioned having a similar problem with another website. Using Firefox, the sites would come up fine for me.

Along with that problem, I had a couple of others that frustrated me with Brave. So I've been trying out Vivaldi at least until Brave gets their shit together again. Btw, Arthur Edelstein, who presented to PLUG a few months back is now part of the security team at Brave. I have to say... I'm pretty impressed with Vivaldi. The last time I tried it, it barely had any features. Now it has a stunning level of features, mostly customization. Maybe too many! I could show it off sometime online if there's interest.


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