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I must warn you Bill that the movie is in colour, so be prepared. See if you can acquire the newly made movie

Operation Mincemeat

Good reviews. Do a few searches.

Thanks buster, watched the movie last evening. Very well done.  A little more accurate/detailed, in the part what went on in the background of how the fake papers where read by the Germans, as opposed to the 1956 black and white movie, The Man Who Never Was.
I think perhaps there may have been some Hollywood made up stuff about what was happening between "Pam" and the two British Intelligence officers.

There is a very good modern book that goes into even more accurate details about the deception, by the British Intelligence Agency.

Worth noting that Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond books, was actually involved in the ruse.

I seem to recall from reading a few years ago that there was affection and competition in the love triangle. (It was war time.) But the script writers had to do something other than write a documentary. So it may have been exaggerated.

Bill, it may be that you and I are the only ones with electricity. You probably never lost it, while Marilyn and I got it back after 25 hours because we live with totally buried electrical lines.

Or the universe likes us.

Who is on the site shows almost no one. Guests only.

Yes, it is amazing, both the electricity and the internet stayed up during the storm, at my place.  I do have an automatic natural gas, standby generator, if the power does goes down. The generator would not help, though, if the Cogeco internet system did go down.


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