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I am curious about why there are so few posters on the site. I have heard there is a virus going around that affects people in such a way that they can't use a keyboard anymore. But I don't think that's the problem.

Jason, you have better access to numbers regarding the site. Can you get any sense of the popularity of the site? Are we still getting visits from people who visited regularly over the years? Are the raw numbers of visitors up or down?

Kal has posted lately, but mainly it's a private club for four.

Are there, Jason, any trends you can ferret out from the visitor numbers?

I can tell the last time members were online if they logged in. I can't know otherwise unless I check IP addresses in the logs but then with so many bots, it might be hard to find them to connect the two.

In the past week, we've had 7 distinct members log in at least once. Six of them have posted in the same period. After that, the last time a member logged in was 77 days ago, then 89, then it jumps to 136 days. Note again that it only shows logins. We have 22 people who have made at least one post at some point, the oldest having logged in 1999 days ago. But I have no idea how many are just lurking. We get a decent number of members that come to online meetings and some of them don't post. But they wouldn't know about the meetings unless they're either on our email list or read the forum.

When I say 'member', I mean anyone that has registered and been approved. Most are actual PLUG members (or were last time we collected dues) but we have a few outside "members".

William just posted as well and Kal has probably been posting as much or even more than you, lately, Buster! Not that it's a contest or anything.

Occasionally, we also have Glen or cod3poet, so I'd say we have six posting at least semi-regularly posting and two more that post sometimes. Did I miss anybody?

I haven't been posting much for the same reason I missed the last online meeting. Been too depressed to socialize.


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