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New Ubuntu LTS won't show other distros in Grub menu

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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now in beta, but whether you install or upgrade your current installation when it comes out later this month, the updated grub menu you get with it will no longer show other distros as boot options. The reason: OS Prober has been disabled in it. Fortunately, there is an easy way to re-enable it, as explained here.

Thanks for the heads up about this issue, Fox.
Hopefully the Devs of Grub/Ubuntu will see the error of their ways and change things, so that at least during the install of Ubuntu, the user will be given the option of choosing whether to have OS Prober enabled or not.

Will it show Windows 10 for those who are setting up a dual boot for their first Linux try?

In a word, no. Not unless OS Prober is enabled.

Bit of a pain for a beginner, and it adds unnecessary complexity for the uninitiated.Thanks.

(My question was based on my own use of the word distro, which to me  indicates Linux. Should have guessed from the words OS Prober.)


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