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How can I get Orage for MX Linux since it's gone in 21?

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Sigh! :-(   After doing the fresh install of MXLinux 21, I tried to copy in the files I copied from the Home directory of my previous MXLinux 19.
During the copy process, I had to skip some files which were not able to be copied. So when I did copy the remaining Home files back into the MXLinux 21 install, I was not able to log into my MXLinux using my password.

So I had to start from a fresh install of MXLinux and reinstall all the programs that I had with MXLinux 19. :-(

I the found that the Calendar program, Orage is no longer available, on MXLinux 21 and there does not appear to be any similar replacement available. :-(

So, I may have to ditch MXLinux. :-(

It appears that Orage no longer comes with the latest version of the Xfce desktop environment (4.16). It might have been dropped because it's no longer maintained and was last updated in 2019. So it's not so much an MX thing but an Xfce thing since MX-21 has the latest Xfce version.

While Orage is available as a package you can (maybe) download and install, it's for a previous version of Debian, too. So no telling if it'd work. If you want to go down that road, let me know. I'm not sure you can just click it to install since it won't install a repo but there is a way to install a local package via the terminal.

There is a panel item you can add called Xfce timer if you're looking for the alarm and timer features. There's also an app called Osmo that might be a good replacement. What were you looking for in the app that you needed?

This looks like a separate support query, assuming it is a query and not just a sad story. :) I hate when a program you like is dropped. It's like finding out a new TV show you like won't have a second season.

Thanks for your help, Jason.
For a calendar, I am just looking for a basic calendar showing the days of the month and which I can show upcoming days of the month, that I have an appointment/event etc, happening. The Orage calendar filled this requirement very nicely and was on mu desktop screen, each time I booted up the computer.

Osmo is pretty basic but it might be enough for what you need. I've attached screenshots showing some of it's screens. It's in the stable Debian repo using the MX Installer and somewhere in Synaptic, I'm sure. A search will find it in either.

It shows the current day and upcoming month. You can show a calendar of the entire year, too.

There doesn't seem to be a 'meeting' type function so what I did here as an example was to create a Task for a set time. You can put in an end-time by selecting a 'task' and then entering the details in the advanced tab.

There seems to be an alarm feature in the advanced tab but I'm a bit confused where it says 'Alarm command'. I have no idea if that means you have to give it an alarm program or not. But you could give it a try and see what happens.

Honestly, kcalendar (kalendar?) might be better. This appears to be early software. Or search online and see if you can find others. Doesn't Thunderbird have a calendar? Btw, not sure if you want to use it but there is Google Calendar. Protonmail might even have one. Tutanota does.

Honestly, I use my phone but that's Google Calendar obviously. I like to have my meetings synced across my devices. But I can understand some might not like how Google handles privacy or just prefer a separate program.

Thunderbird does have a calendar; it's an add-on called Lightning. Works well, but may be more than Bill wants. Same with Google Calendar, which is what I use. Osmo looks more in line with Orage. Osmo and other calendar alternatives to Orage are summarized here.


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