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PLUG Virtual Meeting February 25, 2022: Online Privacy


We had a great meeting tonight, 8 or 9 members attended and the meeting didn't end a bit after 9 pm. I'm glad that most were able to make it!

Arthur Edelstein, the creator of the browser privacy testing website gave a terrific presentation on the background behind it and provided informative answers to all of our questions. Honestly, I don't think anyone was able to stump him!

The meeting was recorded but it cut out a few times and ended partway through the questions. I think I had bandwidth issues. I'll take a look at the video this weekend and see if I can make it work and then upload it to YouTube if everyone agrees.

If you don't want to be seen on video (if it actually recorded that) but are okay with audio, I'll see if I can blur the faces. Just send me a message.

I'll have to figure out how to edit a video in Linux next! Wish me luck. If the result isn't great quality but still enough info to be helpful, I'll post it on the PLUG website for downloading instead of YouTube.

Hopefully, it doesn't get slashdotted and I don't have a million-dollar bill! :D I might have to find a place with free storage. But obviously, I have to try and find a site that respects privacy as much as possible.

Update: As I mentioned further on in the topic, the meeting didn't get recorded, sadly. However, Arthur sent me the slides and they're attached to this comment. He also mentioned that he'd be willing to present again sometime so we can attempt the recording once more. We'll have to take him up on it sometime! I've also included an introductory slide that elucidates some of the points to be covered.

Unfortunately, the recording of the meeting disappeared into the ether. :( There are a couple of possibilities that could have caused it, but it really doesn't matter. So that's really unfortunate. Next time, I'll work with Bill or Fox to test the recording function before attempting it again. I'll check with Arthur again to see if he'd be willing to share the slideshow with us.

The Durham PC Users Group was interested in the recording since they couldn't attend (Arthur preferred a small group this time around). If DPCUG, or any other user group, would like to have Arthur do the presentation for them, I'm sure he'd be willing. Just reach out to Arthur Edelstein at and tell him Jason sent ya'. :)

That's too bad, Jason. There was a lot of good information from that presentation.


--- Quote from: ssfc72 on March 10, 2022, 07:20:40 pm ---That's too bad, Jason. There was a lot of good information from that presentation.

--- End quote ---

Definitely. Perhaps down the road, I could get Arthur back for an encore. :)


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