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Started by bobf, February 06, 2017, 12:42:30 PM

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*** UPDATE ***

OK, I'm picking up Mike around 10am, haven't heard back from Stefan yet, Jason thereafter if he's going, then Rob at Applewood, meeting up with Bill at Timmy's/PetroCan for around 11am, off to Creatron - Glen's got a cold, and has to pass - then Sayal Electronics, then CanadaComputers Markham-Unionville store, before heading to Radio World. From there, we can decide what more we have time for...

Have I forgotten anything/anybody?


No stop at the Apple Store?   ;D

I'll be bringing a pi project book as optional reading on the way.
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Alright, gentlemen, and you know who you are...! <^8# We had a great road trip, with one glaring aggravation that I'm sure put Bill off - I know it did me! We met up at Timmy's on the 115, with Bill surprising us by already being there as we'd barely made it onto the 115! When we got there, we planned logistics over a quick coffee, then all took off in my car, first to Creatron, which everybody quite enjoyed visiting! I bought a set of RPi bits, Mike bought the same, and Rob got 2 and a breadboard, so he's going to be Frankenstein'ing something together, I figure! Don't blow up the res, bud; don't DO it! <^8#

We left Creatron and stopped for lunch at Wendy's, at Woodbine & 14th Ave. in Markham. And, y'know, it was PURELY coincidence that it's across the street from Sayal Electronics, so that became our next stop as quickly as we could get lunch out of the way. From there, we headed over to Radio World, for our "lunchbag letdown" of the day. 4 brilliant guys in the car, and not one checked out its hours in advance. Only open until 2pm, our arrival at about 3pm would be the only real wasted effort of the day, and basically it's going to be our first port of call come next road trip!

From there, we headed over to the Markham-Unionville flagship CanadaComputers store, so Mike could waffle for a while over which Android cellphone to buy, and how much was too much. We also decided that, if Bill wins a smaller prize from the $60M lotto recently (like, a million bucks, say) we're going to get a clubhouse downtown and put that $13,000. uber TV system we saw there in it! <^8# Thanks, Bill!

Good weather, good friends, great sights and shopping - mostly; it really doesn't get much better than that! And Jason, you were missed, and would have had a fabulous time! *DON'T* miss the next one, OK?! <^8#

Oh, and the punch line? I'm typing this in from its default Chromium browser running on my Pi while it's doing 197 updates. It seems a tad slow, but then, it's wrong to hold it up to Core i7 performance, and it's chugging along like a champ! Oh, and it seemed to have a bit of a problem connecting to wifi, but I realized most people will take the twist tie off of the power supply cord and not sit the Pi 3 inches from the power transformer! Interference, much?! <^8#

Two thumbs up, gentlemen, and I'm really looking forward to another in March! Let's do it! <^8#


Did you use the NOOBS software, Bob, or did you just choose to install a stand alone Raspbian OS?
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Well I may as well add my RPi experience, but I'll put it with the Raspberry Pi thread we already started. Jason, perhaps you can add all the non-trip RPi entries in this thread to RPi thread. But quickly, I used the Noobs software and installed Raspbian and LibreElec from it - very easy!
Ubuntu 23.10 on 2019 5k iMac
Ubuntu 22.04 on Dell XPS 13


I can't merge threads.  All I can do is split them to create new ones.
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No, I went straight to Raspbian using dd on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04.5. Very simple. It sounded to me like NOOBS was the easy way around prepping an SD card, so...

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