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Latest RPi 4 OS, Bullseye, is now available

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I seen on YouTube videos that the latest RPi OS, named Bullseye is now available.

In the video the guy talks about the CPU can now run at 1.8 GHz (I believe the Pi4 normally runs at 1.5 GHz).

Here is a good article about overclocking the RPi 4

Have you tried it? (New version and overclocking.)

I haven't tried it yet. I just saw this video yesterday, so I hope to try it out shortly.

Engaging video, Bill. Thanks for sharing. The Bookshelf feature with the free computer magazines that have been expanded is pretty neat. I don't remember seeing this on the Pi 3. Was this a feature added to the OS with the Pi 4? Overall it looks very smooth and better polished. Now that I think of it, maybe I should have installed the Raspberry Pi OS on her PC instead of Ubuntu. It's more simplistic which is perfect for her.

The presenter in the video has hella' jumpy fingers. I kept wanting to grab his mouse and just hold it still for a minute. :D

I'm sorry I installed the 64 bit beta version instead of the 32 stable. Apparently there is little or no speed advantage with the 64 bit, and videos work better on the 32. I might just reinstall.


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