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Enhanced Vaccination Certificate availability starts today


Depending on your birthday, you can download the enhanced vaccine certificate starting today. Today, you can get it if your birthday is within the period from January to April. Then you can print it or just put it on your device. It has a QR code which the business (that requires vaccination to enter) will scan to verify your vaccination status.

I had thought that we'd have an app for non-business persons but apparently, the app is just for businesses. I think there's missed opportunity there.

The other dates you can download along with the steps to get it are here:

Interesting side note,  the app is Open Source. Good on the government for doing that. Now it can be verified if the app is intruding on the privacy of users like keeping info. It's supposed to just verify your status and then discard your info.

I am wondering how easy it is to fake the information. But it only uses the QR code to compare your name, birthday, /health card number to the database online. So I'm more worried that somebody might hack that database. However, the ability to enter that information has been there since late Spring so I guess if that was happening, we'd know by now.

I've downloaded my enhanced vaccination certificate just now with the QR code. I've printed it out to have it handy in case my phone isn't working, etc. But I plan on using it on my phone. They should have made it so it sends you an email but instead, I have to upload it to the phone. Another miss on the way they set it up. I'm just going to email it to myself but it'd be nice to not have to. I guess they think that most people would download it directly to their phone? I don't do anything on my phone I don't have to.

Yes, I downloaded the QR code picture and printed it on paper, yesterday morning. I would imagine you would still have to show your ID, to prove your identity matches what is shown with the QR code.

I downloaded mine yesterday. I agree with Jason; they should have made it easier to store it on your phone. And yes, Bill, I'm sure you will still have to show ID, otherwise someone could pass around their certificate.

Good point, Bill. Yes, they mentioned you still need to show ID.

And for those who have a medical exemption, that form will be available soon, too. Not sure why it isn't already.

I think the only time I'd use it is at a restaurant. I don't go to or plan on going to any entertainment venues, certainly not sports, indoor or otherwise. I may start going to the gym again. But with the measures easing, I want to see if case numbers start going up again before I decide that.


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