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Privacy concerns with QR-Codes

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Interesting CBC article about how restaurants using QR codes to provide menus. It's not the codes, it's that the codes send you to websites that might track your information and other sites you visit, etc. We've always had this issue with websites but what's different about this is that you might not realize where the code is sending you. There have already been phishers trying to get personal information through QR codes.

I'm a luddite. I read the physical menu.

Unless I had my tablet with me, I probably would, too. Not sure if anyone locally is using them for menus anyway. But I don't really go to the nice restaurants. That's for rich people on those gold-plated pension plans like Buster. :)

We have been to only one restaurant patio since the beginning of covid, and have ordered in zero meals. The restaurant was half way between my son's residence and ours.

Yeah, yeah, sure, Mr. Richie McRich. Mrs. Tao told me all about your weekend "get-togethers" where you had escargot, caviar and 30-year old wine. Don't try and hide it. :) I also noted that you qualified your "only one" visit to a restaurant with the word "patio". Such a crafty fellow. I'm wise to your ways, Buster!


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