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The PPC may no longer be considered a fringe party but they're still an extremist one. They have attracted a lot of scary supporters and a stamp of approval from white nationalists. I'd much rather have a Conservative government than have the vote split by these guys so that the Liberals win. It's very concerning. I doubt the Conservatives will want to touch this party with a 6-foot poll lest they catch this disease.

The question the article raises but cannot answer is what proportion of those that voted PPC are there solely over the Covid vaccination/lockdown issue. I know of people that are centrists or even leftists that are anti-vax but not anti-immigration or anti-government. I don't know any that are anti-lockdown, but I get that people with that view include those hurt economically by the lockdowns and others that just feel that freedoms have been too much curtailed. If and when Covid is no longer a pandemic, some proportion of the PPC voters will go back to the political affiliations that they came from. Hopefully it's a lot of them, and the PPC will go back to being a party with little popular support.

I agree that they don't know. But the connections are a bit concerning including the guy who through the gravel at the PM who was a PPC riding president.

And their platform was endorsed by white supremacist organizations although she didn't say specifically which ones. I'm guessing they don't want to platform them.

She tweeted out an email she received from an American who said he hoped she'd be sexually assaulted, hung from a tree and she should kill herself. And she said there were similar emails like that from others. It was right after the PPC leader posted a tweet telling his followers to play dirty with journalists that criticized the party and posting their emails. His account was suspended and he later removed the tweet.

I can honestly say that any PPC supporters I've run across (online) have been vehement in their support for the party calling Trudeau a traitor, etc. When you know this information and you're a PPC supporter, are you not tacitly showing your approval for those kinds of people? I don't see their leader condemning people like that and he's using dog whistle language. So there are definitely attachments to white supremacy. Don't think it can't happen here. We have lots of racists in Canada. Like you, I hope they will disappear after the pandemic. But I doubt it.

I'm not expecting racists or the PPC to disappear once Covid is no longer a pandemic, but I am expecting support for the PPC to decline. How much is what's hard to say.

Yeah, that's what I mean by disappearing. Back to the 1-2% they deserve. I also think that Bernier is pretty much the party. If he leaves, who knows?


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