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PLUG Mug, Friday, Sept 17, 2 pm, PetSmart/Tim Hortons parking lot, Monaghan rd.

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Maybe we should be considering future in-person MUGs in Chapters? Until we get our regular meetings back.

I'd be open to Chapters but was thinking the mall might be better, more open. They have a Tim Horton's in there, too. Not sure how busy it'd be in the afternoon. I'm usually there in the evening when I am. Perhaps even a restaurant downtown or an outdoor cafe. Lots of restaurants have patios there. Food for thought. See what I did there? :)

The Publican House, near me, has a very nice outdoor space. Especially if you want to have a beer.

Hi Guys,
Kal and I are hoping to join you tomorrow. Hopefully the get together is still a go at the Pet Smart parking lot  Should be good weather for a sit outside and discuss Linux, our favorite operating system.
Since I will be driving, will also have a ham radio and monitor and make some noise on the Peterborough repeater for Bill.
See all tomorrow.

Sounds good Glen. It will be good to see you and Kal.
I will be tuned to the PBO repeater to listen, if you call. I will have a mag mount antenna on the car roof.


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