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PLUG Mug, Friday, Sept 17, 2 pm, PetSmart/Tim Hortons parking lot, Monaghan rd.

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Be good to see you again, Glen! It's like we're getting the ole' gang back together. :)

So we had Mike , Kal, Glen and myself at the meetup, this afternoon.
I was very nice that Kal and Glen were able to make it.  Friday afternoons is good for them to drive in from the Oshawa area, so I will try and do another Friday afternoon in maybe a couple of weeks time.

Crap, I forgot about the meeting tonight! :( I had it on my schedule but was visiting my brother and lost track of time. Didn't get home until about quarter to ten. Good that you had a bigger group than normal!

Anyone interested in a final Year of the COVID '21 final PLUG jit-si meet up? If anything just to make sure we all still have a pulse. It need'nt be long but hopefully it will be strong as we demonstrate we all get along. Post on the forum if you wish to acquiesce ( heed ) the call.


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