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PLUG Mug, Friday, Sept 17, 2 pm, PetSmart/Tim Hortons parking lot, Monaghan rd.

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Anyone want to try for an afternoon meetup for this Friday?

I would be a "likely".

I have to wait a bit longer to book my exam retake but I should know by tomorrow or maybe this evening when that is. I'm reasonably sure it won't be that early so put me as a likely and I'll upgrade/downgrade that when I know more.

I've booked my re-take for the following Friday (after this one) so you can count me in. Have you driven by there in the daytime, though? I'm worried it might be really busy. But totally up to you. Thee are lots of other places to sit close by like the Evinrude or Lansdowne Place parking lots or we can sit on some graves across the street. ;-) I don't know anybody in there (yet).

Fox, you have to come; you said you'd bring me a chair. :D

Good, it will be nice to see you. The parking lot is huge. We can find an area were it is not busy.


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