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Mint 19.1 crashing

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Why don't you just install the current version of Mint?

I just wanted to do a follow up report.
After a month, since I installed Mint 20.1 (my install is now at version 20.2), I have not had any more problems with the Dell Inspiron notebook computer crashing.  So it appears there was nothing wrong with the SSD partition, being worn out with read/write cycles.

It is very strange that the previous Mint 19.1 Distro that was on the notebook, would start crashing after a kernal update and there was nothing that I was able to do, to fix the problem.  The fix was to install Mint 20.1, in the existing partition of the SSD.

Thanks for the update. As for the kernel update causing the problem, in your boot manager, there should be an option to boot using the previous kernel version. It might be listed under "advanced mode" or something similar. I haven't tried Linux Mint in a long time but I'd expect them to have this. Most distros seem to. It doesn't help you now but perhaps it might another time.

Ok, thanks for the tip, Jason.


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