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PLUG Mug Zoom meetup, Wed. Sept. 8, 7:30 pm


Anyone interested in having a Zoom video meetup for this Wed. evening?
I can start the meetup at 7:30 pm but feel free to join in at anytime, after that.   The meetups usually last until at least 9 pm.
The meetup is chance for having just some general conversation but if anyone would like to do a short presentation on a subject, that would be great as well.

I would need at least 3 people to let me know if they can attend, to do a meetup. So let me know if you are interested.  I will confirm the meetup at noon Wed.

I'm going to really try to make it this time. And I might be able to do a presentation. It'd be nothing fancy but might interest some.

Looks like I won't make it. Preparing for an exam on Friday afternoon and I'm still finishing up the last part of the course! I hope you have enough without me, Bill!

Here is the Link to the Jitsi video meetup.

We had 5 people for last evenings meetup. There was Kal, Glen G., Hugh, Llyod and myself.
I had a chat with Kal about my ongoing issues with Mint 19 crashing on my Dell Inspiron notebook computer.  The Windows 8 that dual boots does not crash.  Kal suggested it may be the SSD hard drive that has reached it maximum number of read/writes on the partition area of the SSD that holds the Mint 19 partition. Kal suggeted I get the diagnostic software from the SSD manufacturer and run a diagnostic check to see if the SSD has reached the maximum read/write cycles.
I downloaded the Samsung Disk Magician software for my SSD model number. It would only run under Windows, so I used the Win 8 on the Inspiron to run the program. Disk Magician also will not read EXT4 partitions so I had to reformat the Mint 19 partition to NTFS.
Unfortunately when I tried to run the diagnostic program it said my SSD Drive model was not supported. :-(

We also had some audio/video issues with our Jitsi session but after a few of the guys logged out and back into the Jitsi session, then the issues cleared up.

I left the meetup at about 9:15 pm. 


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